Reach Version 1

Now with Bounty: US$380 - # What # * Finish the first functioning version of Server (scope is up to you) * I prefer completeness by way of End Usability, not amazing features. ie. Make it easy to install (Windows, Linux, more?), and provide simple instructions (Wiki Edits) * Slight updates to the Client to make it work with the Server * HTTP Server Coding * DotNet Code (not .Net Framework) * VS Code IDE * C# * Hg DCVS # Who # * Backend coder * Good architectural foresight (this usually means, avoiding over-engineering) * Good at scoping down (which is in your favour for a fixed price project) * Organised * Understanding of Network Protocols (TCP / HTTP), and concepts (NAT, STUN) * Excellent English - good a communicating and writing documentation There will be plenty of opportunity for continued work on this project if you do a good job. You will have 7 days to deliver, and the price is fixed, the scope is the only variable. It's up to you to negotiate how much you can achieve in that time for that money. # How # * Chat on this issue about the scope you want to lock-in * I'll approve your scope * Fork * Stay in regular contact * Pull Request (within 7 days, another 7 days grace) * Bounty Payment # What this isn't # * Website * Web Design * Marketing * Mobile App * Game