Feature request: Queued File transfer

I believe simultanious file transfers are nice but when using it on slower Devices like Tablets and low end Notebooks(I3) It seems limited. When managinng files larger than 2GB having many simultanious file transfers slows down individuel file transfers and puts the CPU under significant load which also causes a significant performance decrease under other tasks untill the file transfers are complete and with 10+ file transfers of 2GB+ that could easily be 20-30 minutes depending on the CPU and HDD. I'm sure this might not be so noticable on fast CPU's with SSD's but i don't have such options. i Imagine most won't I therefore like to request an option in preference to change thunars default behavior between "Queued File Transfer" and "Simultanious File Transfer" preferbly with a setting to decide how many simultanious file transfers are allowed at any given time.