WDR4300 - hardware nat feature

TP-Link has released the source code of it's WDR4300 router: ‚Äčhttp://www.tp-link.com/resources/gpl/GPL_2.6.31.tar.gz

The router has the AR8327N switch with hardware nat.

Booting Atheros AR934x
Linux version 2.6.31--LSDK-9.2.0_U6.616 (root@localhost.localdomain) (gcc version 4.3.3 (GCC) ) #1 Tue Mar 6 20:40:37 PST 2012
Ram size passed from bootloader =128M
TP_RULE_NAT:enable hardware nat
INFO13AB: Bind to br0

(from the original firmware)

Any developer up to the task of porting the hardware nat (hwaccel) feature? According to my testing it about doubles the wan-lan/lan-wan throughput.