DokuWiki plugin for turning page names into links

The plugin will transform names of pages in a certain namespace (e.g. a glossary) that are used in the wiki text as links.

I will create a new DokuWiki plugin that turns page names into links when they are mentioned in a wiki page. The pages that are used as link targets can be limited to certain (configurable) namespaces.

This can be used in all wikis where a certain set of pages shall be referenced again and again. In a company intranet this could be projects, services, rooms, customers, employees, ... In the context of a documentation this could be some kind of glossary where words that are special for the context are explained.

The plugin will have the following features:

There will be the following configuration options:

The plugin will have the following limitations:

If the funding goal isn't reached till this fundraiser expires I'll decide if I'll implement the plugin nonetheless (very likely if the gap isn't too large as I don't get any money for most of the time that I spend on DokuWiki development) or if I'll contact all backers in order to find a solution (e.g. a more limited set of features).

As soon as the goal is reached I'll start the development of the plugin within two weeks and you can expect a first beta release one week after that. As DokuWiki itself the plugin will be licensed under the GPL 2 and will be freely distributed. As time permits I'll continue maintaining (i.e. fixing bugs) the plugin for the foreseeable future.

I'll create a repository as soon as the first money has been pledged and I'll create a homepage for the plugin as soon as there is a first beta version for testing. The issue tracker of the repository can then be used for submitting additional feature requests and questions. In the case that the funding goal is exceeded I'll implement additional features from the issue tracker if they fit into the scope of the plugin.

If you have any questions or suggestions (e.g. which additional rewards I should offer) feel free to contact me by mail (you can find my address on my profile.