Help make ZoneMinder better!

Donate to get your most wanted features implemented and bugs fixed sooner! All money donated to ZoneMinder will be used to fund bounties.


Hi, I'm Kyle, one of the maintainers of ZoneMinder. We work on ZoneMinder as often as we can, however any time spent on ZoneMinder is time that we are not doing paid work for someone else, and sometimes that's a lot of time! This includes fixing bugs, developing new features, and providing support.

Over the past couple months, the ZoneMinder team has been doing a ton of work (over 400 commits and over 10,000 lines of code) at bring ZoneMinder out of its stasis - mostly bug fixes, but also performance improvements and features. We still have a lot to do, and that is why I'm here.

In an effort to accelerate development, we're holding a fundraiser to help close top issues within ZoneMinder. When the fundraiser ends, we will use all funds raised to create bounties on the issues listed below, as well as any others that need a little extra oomph.

What are the top issues?

IssueGoalMore, better, IP camera presets [$100]$ 50 0 7

Questions & Answers

What happens if you exceed the funding goal?

We will identify additional issues to add to this fundraiser.

What if the fundraiser goal isn’t reached?

We will start at the top of the list and work our way down, funding all bounties we can until all funds are used.

Can this list of issues change?

Yes. We may update this list based on feedback we receive. If you feel some issues deserve more attention than others, please email us. Also, if issues are closed before the fundraiser completes, they’ll be removed automatically.

How long will the bounties stay up?

Bounties will remain available until the issues are resolved.

Who can claim bounties?

The developer whose code resolves an issue can claim the bounty on that issue. They do not have to be affiliated with this project to do so.

When are bounties paid to the developer?

Bounties are paid to the developer when the following conditions are met:

All money contributed to this fundraiser will stay within the Bountysource system until the issues which they are pledged to are resolved.

What about fees?

The standard 10% Bountysource fee will be deducted from all pledges and the remaining 90% will go entirely towards bounties.