An open source Student Information System to help educational institutions manage faculty, staff, students, courses and more.

Update: Download Alpha Version 1

Hello, my name is Joshua Parker, and I am currently working on a new project called eduTrac. eduTrac is an open source student information system (SIS) that will help educational institutions manage faculty, staff, students, courses, registration, NSLC transmissions, reporting, and other functions that a typical SIS may have.

Before I go on to describe in more detail about the project and what makes eduTrac different from any other SIS, allow me a moment to give you a quick run down of my background. I am a former college administrator who has more than 10 years experience working in the education sector. In addition, I've been a PHP developer for the same amount of time. When I started getting into technology and programming languages after college, for some reason it just clicked with me. However, I think I can attribute it to my music background (classically trained vocalist).

In the last 6 years of my career as a college administrator, I've worked with several different student systems. Each having qualities and functionality that were outstanding but having other qualities that were not. During those years, I've taken mental notes of both the good and the bad. Which now brings us to the present. Since I've gained a plethora of knowledge from other proprietary systems, I am using that knowledge to build a system which I think has a much more user friendly structure as well as tackles some of the pitfalls I've experienced with other systems.

A Few Notable Features

What Makes eduTrac Different?

Four Reasons:


Stretch Goals

$15,000 - Woohoo! Met the goal. At this level, I will build eduTrac with all the notable features listed above.

$20,000 - Add a RESTful API and a handful of plugins to connect with learning management systems such as Moodle, eFront, and others as well as apply for accreditation to offer continuing education units (CEU) for SQL training.

$25,000 - Acquirement of dedicated servers to host instances of eduTrac for institutions that may not have adequate resources.

$30,000 - Acquirement of dedicated cloud servers to use as a data warehouse for better scalability.

$35,000 - The addition of Bursar (Student Accounts) and Billing module.

$45,000 - Addition of a Human Resource, Payroll, and General Ledger module.

How Long Will it Take?

The tentative plan is to have a beta release out between March-April of next year, with hopes of getting it into some schools who are willing to give it a test drive for their summer terms. Those who contribute $200 or more will have the opportunity to view a prototype come mid-September.

How Can This Happen?

Only with the support and generosity of people who are passionate about open source and education can this become a successful project. Furthermore, spreading the word about eduTrac is key as well.


National Student Loan Clearinghouse setup screen
Screenshot of the setup screen for the National Loan Clearinghouse.

Person record
Screenshot of a person's record.

SQL Terminal
SQL Terminal screen for running advanced ad-hoc reports.

For Your Enjoyment

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Do you support open source? Do you support education? Then let's make this happen!