UI7Kit 1.0

Bring the iOS7 UI to your app, even for iOS5 and iOS6.


UI7Kit is a GUI toolkit which can backport flat-style UIKit from iOS7 to iOS5/iOS6. Additionally, UI7Kit can also be used to patch legacy UIKit to UI7Kit in runtime.

Visit the project page: https://github.com/youknowone/UI7Kit

Or ask me anything via ui7kit@youknowone.org or @youknowone_

Technical Goal

Fundraiser Goal

UI7Kit 1.0 aims to implement all the default UIKit components and guarantee Appstore-safeness.

Because UI7Kit is a drop-in replacement of legacy UIKit, it gives you 2 major advantages.

  1. To support iOS5 or 6, you can write your code based on iOS7 behavior of UIKit. This keeps you from wasting your time by having to fit it here and there between iOS versions.
  2. You can bring the pretty iOS7 UI to iOS5 or 6 very quickly.

Both advantages are important for many companies and developers who should support legacy iOS, but cannot spend much time updating the app. (Redesigning for each version would be best, if possible)

I am hoping to use some of the funds raised to incentivize more contributions - specifically to create artwork and refine elements of controls on the pixel/subpixel level.

Status and specific goal

Current status:

Aim of 1.0:

Example with current code. (0.8.4)
Current status

I am writing this library as hobby. So I will keep going whether or not fundrasing succeeds. But there is an issue I'm trying to raise funds for:

I have a job and I am doing this project in my free time. UI7Kit is basically UI copying work; it's quite time consuming. I was and still am spending major parts of my free time on this project during last 2 months. Unfortunately, this is not very good for me as a person out of the programming world. I am getting social pressure to spend my free time to other things, as much as time flew.

This fundraising would be great proof of the value of my work for this project. Successful fundraising will justify my work even out of the programming world and will help me to concentrate on this project. I will be able to tell others that this is great work, and that people want see what I made here.
Because this is a compatibility tool, the life of this project is not eternal. I really want to finish this project as early as possible and to play around it with users - especially before iOS7 is out.

Thank you all for reading! If you have any questions about me or this project, please don't hesitate to contact me. I am responsive except during my office hours.