An Inbox for Everything

An inbox for everything - email, sms, voice, facebook, twitter, g+, and dropbox.

An Inbox for Everything

Way back around the time that gmail started and I got my first cell phone I began thinking about how nice it would be to just have all my messages in one place, but back then gmail was the first real web app and we were still a far ways off from connecting phones and web apps together.

Then Google released Google Voice and I nearly exploded with excitement telling my friends about how cool it's going to be when the start integrating it with e-mail and you can get your text messages and voicemail in your inbox... but apparently I was still ahead of the times.


Now we have a dozen disparate social networks with their own messaging protocols constantly sending push messages to my phone, everything more disorganized and scattered than ever (and our privacy more in question than ever).

When I try to find an old sent or received message, I end up sifting through Google Voice, iMessage, Facebook, and E-mail to find out which medium I sent which message or file.

Same thing when I want to send a message - I'm bouncing back and forth between different apps depending on the person I'm contacting.

And in the age where everyone has high-speed internet in their home, it seems like I should be able to send someone a file or message directly, without it bouncing all over the internet.


I'm creating, an inbox (and sendbox) for everything. will have both an open source mobile web app (and open source nodejs library) that allows you to search all of your direct messages, attachments, and contacts, in one place.

The platform will allow for other services to be used as well - so if you want to write a plugin for Facebook Wall posts or Trello and Github issues, be my guest.

What I need from you


leaves me to my own motivation, which is enough to get things started, but not enough to create a product that would be genuinely useful to others in the near future.


justifies my motivation and allows me a solid 3 months to focus my energy on this project and produce a well-documented library and simple user interface that allows for searching all inboxes (in a timely fashion) and creating messages for contacts.


brings me to a level of resources necessary to iron out bugs and really get things solid look, feel, and making the process of self-hosting a private installation push-button simple.


fuels the development allow me to bring more of the native capabilities of Android and iPhone to the mobile web apps.


makes up for the inevitable underestimation of actual time required to get this project production-ready and also fuels the inevitable next round of innovation.

Technical details about the donation process

This project is being funded with the flexible funding model, which means that all of the money donated (minus BountySource fees) will go towards the production of this project, even if the goal is not met.

See and


But doesn't WUPHF already do this?

No, WUPHF is for outbound messages only - and it sends to all mediums rather than just the best ones.